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Make Me Cum

Make Me Cum

Make Me Cum Pussy Worship Hypnosis


Would you believe me if I told you that every orgasm could be better than your last orgasm? You'll soon become a believer as this pussy worship hypnosis recording convinces you and proves to you that the key to improving your own climax is through pleasing women orally. Become obsessed with eating pussy and reap the rewards. All you have to do is make me cum! You get the opportunity to bring me to an explosive orgasm with your mouth and test my theory. 

Warning: This is quite a deviation form my normal work as I was so overcome recording it that I went far off my intended path and it became quite graphic compared to my normal methods. 
Effects: Sensual music, echoes, whispers, and 100% authentic orgasmic sounds straight from my lips. 


Release Date 02/13/2011
Recording Quality Stereo
Length in Minutes 30:09
Background Music Yes
Subliminal Layering Yes
Post-Hypnotic Suggestions Yes
Topics/Fetishes pussy worship, pussy, mistress, femdom, obsession,
Price: $29.99
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Customer Reviews

  • Author: HypnoFan
    I just had to sing the praises of Tessa's latest masterpiece “Make Me Cum”. Between Tessa's seductive sweet voice, the music use and the sounds that draws the listener into a deep, I would say even magical, hypnotic state that brings all one's senses to a heighten state as this recording unfolds, and by the time the recording ends leaves you in the most blissful state I have even been in. This recording is very erotic and an instant favorite of mine-I have brought almost all of what Tessa has out there. I won't go into to great details because the description Tessa has write is good enough (and don't want to spoil your first listen), but don't waste your time deciding if you should buy it now or wait awhile-I would fast until payday if I had to choose between this recording and eating the next few days. Plus after you finish this recording you will be hungry for something else entirely :).
  • Author: Matty DGT
    Tessa designed this session to make the listener love worshiping pussy. She more than achieves her goal. I've spent three days in a state of constant arousal, unable to get any relief . All I think about is orally pleasuring a woman. I don't even care that I'm sexually frustrated. My needs are secondary to my desire to find a woman who'll let me go down and lick until she climaxes, preferably several times. I only listened to this session once. I'm afraid if I listen again I'll be unable to function properly. I'm obsessed with finding a woman to pleasure, but mostly I've become obsessed with Tessa. She presents herself so sensuously that I felt like she was there with me and I experienced what she was feeling. I will never be able to thank her enough for creating this session. It is so sexy and intimate. For the rest of my life, every woman that lets me make her cum owes Tessa an enormous debt of gratitude. Thank you Tessa.
  • Author: Rob Open
    Listening to Make Me Cum was truly an orgasmic experience. Extremely erotic and hypnotic. Tessa is a tremendously talented trancer. Wow, She blew my mind. This is a highly hypnotic mp3. Crafting together great music and sexy subliminal whispers, Tessa delivers a must have mp3. She will take you deep into a trance that you pray never ends. Tessa delivers a fantastic performance with a great hypnotic script. Tessa uses Her sexy voice to cast Her spell over you. A very pleasurable experience awaits the listener.
  • Author: cdbtoo
    Despite being pounced upon by a needy cat, I was blown away by this file. I didn't trance with it this time around but I can feel its potential and power. Tessa has a voice that is amazing and charming and disarming in its sensual beauty and I'm looking forward to hearing it more and more as I train with "Make Me Cum". There's a warning that Tessa uses more explicitly sexual wording but that wording made my breath catch and a whimper of longing escape my lips whenever she used it. I love that. I loved the joy in her voice each time she said those words! I'm already someone who likes eating pussy but I love that this file has the potential to push that into an obsession. What better to be obsessed with?
  • Author: Obedient_Servant
    This is the hottest hypnosis mp3 I have ever heard. I dropped down into trance so quickly and was then treated to a deeply erotic trance. Tessa weaved a web I wish I could stay in forever.
  • Author: Conrad
    Your last orgasm left a severe wet spot. I just love to make you cum. Your guidance opens up a whole new meaning to "focused attention". I love the way your words livens up my visualization and feelings. I do so wish to cum, but I will "Save IT" for my goddess.
  • Author: CHW
    This session is hot, hot, hot. I cannot stop fantasizing about pleasuring Tessa ever since!
  • Author: sleepysillyboy
    My chastity has brought me a new awareness about several things, including some of Tessa´s classic files. One of those files is "Make me cum". I have always enjoyed this file, but I do it more intensely now. After a period of chastity I wanted to enjoy the gift of my orgams that my Mistress gave me. But I was so grateful, that I needed to make it special, I needed to please her first. So I listen this file. The reward was unbelievable.
    This is a very explicit file, it´s recorded in first person, but it´s not a devotional file for Tessa. It can be used for anyone who wants to improve his experience pleasing orally her wife or partner, for pussy worshippers, for silly boys that don´t always remember that Mistress comes first or for intelligent men(if they exist) who already know it and want to enhance this experience.
Femdom Erotic Hypnosis with Tessa Fields