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    Come To My Window

    You happen upon a beautiful woman taking an erotic bubble bath. You cannot help but to touch yourself as you get excited watching her get excited by her own feet. Together, you have an explosive orgasm while you watch from outside her window.

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    Cum Like Her

    Experience the thoughts and sensations of a beautiful woman from inside her body. Feel everything she feels and think everything she thinks as you bring yourself to the ultimate female orgasm experiencing it just as she does. Cum Like Her!

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    You’ve willingly stepped into Her lair. She takes you to the brink over and over, never letting you release… forever hard, forever longing, forever begging, FOREVER DENIED!

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    Humiliation Hallway

    Let Me guide you through a deliciously humiliating trip where the girls get uglier and the giggles get louder as you are teased about your small dick.

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    Mistress Wants: Training Series Bundle

    Get the entire Mistress Wants Submissive Training Hypnosis Series and SAVE!

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    Obsess-a-Tessa Series

    Buy all 4 parts of the Obsess-a-Tessa hypnosis series together and save $10.00

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    Pussy Worship MP3 Bundle

    3 HOT pussy worship sessions for one low price! Bundle and save!

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    Sand Mistress

    The Sand Mistress comes for you as you sleep. Much like the fabled succubus, she will drain you. She will empty you of your will while you sleep. In exchange, she fills your dreams with nothing but submissive, sexy thoughts and visions.

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    Stirrings of Servitude

    This is a hypnotic fantasy that takes you back to when you were a young man, new to sex and desire. You are summoned to the neighbor’s house where the girl you have had a crush on is taught to control you and humiliate you. She comes to be a symbol of your life yet to come, enslaved and owned by powerful dominant women for eternity.

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    This erotic recording is an experience that takes you into my fantasy hypnotherapy office seeking hypnotherapy to “feel good”. Wicked hypnotist Tessa makes you “feel good” with her special brand of therapy….turning you into a horny pantyboy that loves wearing silky women’s panties.

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    Wicked Game

    BLACKMAIL …often fantasized about, but so dangerous to enter into.

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