Hypnotic Sessions Bundles

Hypnotic Sessions Bundles

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    Tough Guy 2: Hands-free Orgasm Training – Bondage Edition

    Experience a little light bondage with Mistress Tessa as I tie you to the bed and tease your body and mind with my little crop whip and leather clad body to a hands free hypnotic orgasm!

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    Tough Guy: Hands-free Orgasm Training MP3

    Cum with no hands! My long awaited & highly requested hands-free orgasm training is here!

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    Pussy Worship MP3 Bundle

    3 HOT pussy worship sessions for one low price! Bundle and save!

    $74.97 $64.99
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    Mistress Wants: Training Series Bundle

    Get the entire Mistress Wants Submissive Training Hypnosis Series and SAVE!

    $99.96 $89.99
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    Humiliation MP3 Bundle

    I have 3 three unreleased humiliation recordings that I made for a customer on a non-exclusive basis. Someone requested these from me earlier and I thought “Why not make them available to everyone?”

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    Obey & Pay

    This financial domination hypnosis recording makes you oh so fascinated with my feet. You’ll do anything to please them and be so owned by them that you’ll do anything to make sure they are kept looking pretty pampered. I’ve included a copy of the Obey and Pay wallpaper for your viewing pleasure!

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    Obsess-a-Tessa Series

    Buy all 4 parts of the Obsess-a-Tessa hypnosis series together and save $10.00

    $69.96 $59.99

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