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    Completely Controlled Cock

    Join me for an evening you’re soon to forget as you find yourself helplessly hypnotized, stroking into submission and obedience inside my theater of mind control.

    5 out of 5
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    Tales From The Couch 2

    The wicked hypnotherapist is back! This time I’ve brought my interns. You’ll be worshiping my pussy once again after I get you down on my couch. The wonderful feeling of euphoria you get from being my pussy slave will only be enhanced by the “hands-on” help from my sexy interns.

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    Memories of Forgetting

    An amnesia files for only true Tessaphiles! Forget details of previous hypnosis sessions so they will all seem new again while taking your enslavement to a new level!

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    Tales From The Couch

    This pussy worship adventure will find you tricked into trance by your very sexy hypnotherapist, Tessa. You arrive for a little self-help, but I’ll be helping myself to you. I’ll turn you into my hungry, pussy licking slave after only a few moments on my office couch. You may not even remember why you keep returning to my office…over and over again.

    5 out of 5

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