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    All For Tessa

    This devotional file is pure positive submission with themes of acceptance and trust. With no awakener, it allows you to be coaxed deeper into trance throughout and deeper into blissful submission for me….all for Tessa.

    You’ll find your mind completely open and trusting, knowing that I always take very good care of your weakened, submissive mind.

    5 out of 5
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    Mind Management

    This session is designed to help you enjoy every moment of your submission to me. Find yourself blissfully weak and obedient and I gently guide you into trance chipping away at any resistance as you descend deep down. Find your mind wired, or perhaps re-wired, to enjoy every aspect of worship and renew your devotion each and every day.

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    Time To Surrender

    Are you ready to surrender your mind to Mistress, pet? Enjoy a unique clock induction as I slowly hypnotize you into deep trance and even deeper submission. This hypnotic femdom session will put you in an endless state of arousal each every time you surrender your mind and orgasm to Mistress Tessa.

    5 out of 5
  • wslgInfoBuy

    White Space

    Includes BONUS LOOP! This devotional femdom hypnosis session will bind you to me. Saying yes to submission has never felt so good when dominance is cloaked in sensual, sweet words of deep hypnotic trance. Surrender to me and to surrender to hypnosis with your hypnotic goddess, Tessa.

    5 out of 5
  • Devil's Breath Mind Control HypnosisInfoBuy

    Devil’s Breath

    In this 3rd installment, you’ve been called upon to return to the estate of the Era Imperium once more. This time you have been summoned by the Immortal, who has ruled the society since the beginning. You must prove that your ability to quench the voracious sexual appetite of the Immortal with the same obedience and skill that you mindlessly serve this secret society.

  • tbwlgInfoBuy

    The Brain Wash

    Enter the Sleep Clinic of Dr. Tessa Fields for a simple sleep treatment and get a little more than you bargained for. Enter as a patient, leave as a slave!

    Featuring a sexy intro from Amethyst of!

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    Memories of Forgetting

    An amnesia files for only true Tessaphiles! Forget details of previous hypnosis sessions so they will all seem new again while taking your enslavement to a new level!

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    Hall of Mirrors: Return to Tessa’s Chamber MP3

    It’s been awhile since you’ve last visited my brainwashing chamber and I’ve prepared something special for your return.

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    Era Imperium: Hellfire Club

    This is the second session in the Era Imperium: Secret Society series.You’ll be transported back to 1700’s England and enticed with an invitation for induction into one of the famous Hellfire Club’s of the era, rumored to be full of sin and debauchery.

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    Perfect Husband

    Unbeknownst to you, your wife and therapist have decided together that the only solution is to turn you gay. There is only room for one woman in your life, but plenty of men! Find yourself checking out men, craving cock, and only able to orgasm to the thought of men.

  • tclg1InfoBuy

    Tessa’s Chamber

    Boobs and brainwashing inside Tessa’s Chamber! A mysterious request sends you on a journey that ends in my special chamber, where you will find yourself oh so sleepy and completely obsessed with my breasts.

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    Humiliation MP3 Bundle

    I have 3 three unreleased humiliation recordings that I made for a customer on a non-exclusive basis. Someone requested these from me earlier and I thought “Why not make them available to everyone?”


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