• Full Frontal Assault Breast Worship hypnosisInfoBuy

    Full Frontal Assault

    Prepare to be a little bit teased with my huge, hypnotic breasts while you’re deep under hypnosis. You’ll find yourself stroking into submission for me as you fall prey to the allure of my hypnotic “assets.” Stroke as you worship my breasts, stroke into servitude, and stroke for Tessa!

    5 out of 5
  • tftc2lgInfoBuy

    Tales From The Couch 2

    The wicked hypnotherapist is back! This time I’ve brought my interns. You’ll be worshiping my pussy once again after I get you down on my couch. The wonderful feeling of euphoria you get from being my pussy slave will only be enhanced by the “hands-on” help from my sexy interns.

  • tg2lgInfoBuy

    Tough Guy 2: Hands-free Orgasm Training – Bondage Edition

    Experience a little light bondage with Mistress Tessa as I tie you to the bed and tease your body and mind with my little crop whip and leather clad body to a hands free hypnotic orgasm!

  • homlgInfoBuy

    Hall of Mirrors: Return to Tessa’s Chamber MP3

    It’s been awhile since you’ve last visited my brainwashing chamber and I’ve prepared something special for your return.

  • tgsqInfoBuy

    Tough Guy: Hands-free Orgasm Training MP3

    Cum with no hands! My long awaited & highly requested hands-free orgasm training is here!

  • lillgInfoBuy

    Lady in the Lake

    This fantasy hypnosis session will find you helpless to the call of the lady in the lake and the TWIST she has in store for you!

    5 out of 5
  • ssbsqInfoBuy

    Sleepy Silly Boy

    The sequel to my classic session Silly Boy has arrived! Enjoy this stroking, edging session while you rest against my huge, hypnotic breasts.

    5 out of 5
  • tclg1InfoBuy

    Tessa’s Chamber

    Boobs and brainwashing inside Tessa’s Chamber! A mysterious request sends you on a journey that ends in my special chamber, where you will find yourself oh so sleepy and completely obsessed with my breasts.

  • mw2lgInfoBuy

    Say It

    Part 2, Say It, trains the submissive male to be a better communicator. This recording is designed to help you tell Mistress what you want, after all….if Mistress does not know what makes you tick, how can she know what to motivate you with?

  • sblgInfoBuy

    Silly Boy

    In this arousal session, you’ll hear just how sorry I am that you cannot help but to be weak and hypnotized. I’ll sympathize with how easy my sweet words and large, full breasts make you a little sleepy.


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