mind control

mind control

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    Devil’s Breath

    In this 3rd installment, you’ve been called upon to return to the estate of the Era Imperium once more. This time you have been summoned by the Immortal, who has ruled the society since the beginning. You must prove that your ability to quench the voracious sexual appetite of the Immortal with the same obedience and skill that you mindlessly serve this secret society.

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    Humiliation MP3 Bundle

    I have 3 three unreleased humiliation recordings that I made for a customer on a non-exclusive basis. Someone requested these from me earlier and I thought “Why not make them available to everyone?”

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    Fall For Me

    Increase your fascination with me as my voice guides you. You’ll come to associate pleasure with me and my words. As you submit and surrender to me, you’ll be guided to a tasty orgasm as a special reward.

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    Under Your Skin

    After gently weighting you down into paralysis, my voice enters your body filling you with my will and thoughts. I slowly turn you into the perfect, intuitive submissive with a subtle form of mind control, learning how to anticipate the needs and desires of dominant women.


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