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    The Brain Wash

    Enter the Sleep Clinic of Dr. Tessa Fields for a simple sleep treatment and get a little more than you bargained for. Enter as a patient, leave as a slave!

    Featuring a sexy intro from Amethyst of DeepSurrender.com!

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    One Night With Tessa

    Have you ever wondered what a night with a hypnodomme would be like? This tease & denial session will leave you begging for more Tessa!

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    Memories of Forgetting

    An amnesia files for only true Tessaphiles! Forget details of previous hypnosis sessions so they will all seem new again while taking your enslavement to a new level!

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    Tough Guy 2: Hands-free Orgasm Training – Bondage Edition

    Experience a little light bondage with Mistress Tessa as I tie you to the bed and tease your body and mind with my little crop whip and leather clad body to a hands free hypnotic orgasm!

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    Mistress Wants: Training Series Bundle

    Get the entire Mistress Wants Submissive Training Hypnosis Series and SAVE!

    $99.96 $89.99
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    Trophy Slave

    Part 4, Trophy Slave, is a very interactive hypnosis session with a fun stroking induction that combines all elements of the first 3 sessions. This is an extremely positive session that reminds you to better yourself, in and out of the bedroom, all under Her control.

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    Choose Control

    This free erotic hypnosis session is about control in the moment. You’ll choose obedience and submission!

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    Save It

    Part 1, Save It, trains the submissive male in the art of positive chastity and/or delayed orgasm and the motivations behind it. This recording is to help the submissive male to value his orgasm as both a gift and reward for his loving submission to his dominant partner.

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    Make Me Cum

    Would you believe me if I told you that every orgasm could be better than your last orgasm? You’ll soon become a believer as this pussy worship hypnosis recording convinces you and proves to you that the key to improving your own climax is through pleasing women orally. Become obsessed with eating pussy and reap the rewards.

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    Airgasm (Re-Mastered)

    This is a tease and denial hypnosis recording where your erection is led by the air I breathe. It’s a bit of a tease not being touched, but finding your arousal ebb and flow with the energy I put into the air. It”s no hands until the end!

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    Lose Yourself

    This recording is a simple guided masturbation recording introducing you to my type of control.


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