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    Twice as Tranced

    Best selling dual femdom trance with Mistress Carol of MyHypnoticDomain!

    You, nestled between Mistress Carol and Tessa Fields in a busy restaurant. Mistress Carol in leather; Tessa in fur and seated so close to you our thighs are touching. We simultaneously use our sensual voices to skillfully drop you into a deep hypnotic trance while we enjoy ourselves. After this meal, you will never be the same.

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    Pretty Poison

    One taste of me and you’ll know submission. One taste and a slow poison will start to infect your body as it multiplies. It will leave you aroused and paralyzed. there is no antidote, but there is a way to treat your unfortunate circumstances, with a bit of pussy worship.

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    Choose Control

    This free erotic hypnosis session is about control in the moment. You’ll choose obedience and submission!


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