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    Hall of Mirrors: Return to Tessa’s Chamber MP3

    It’s been awhile since you’ve last visited my brainwashing chamber and I’ve prepared something special for your return.

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    Pretty Poison

    One taste of me and you’ll know submission. One taste and a slow poison will start to infect your body as it multiplies. It will leave you aroused and paralyzed. there is no antidote, but there is a way to treat your unfortunate circumstances, with a bit of pussy worship.

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    This recording is made with my perception of what being glamoured might feel like. There are no triggers and no post-hypnotic suggestions. It is simply a small moment in time immortalized….with a very erotic touch. I come to you in the darkness and make you want to feel the sharp sting of my fangs.

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    Under Your Skin

    After gently weighting you down into paralysis, my voice enters your body filling you with my will and thoughts. I slowly turn you into the perfect, intuitive submissive with a subtle form of mind control, learning how to anticipate the needs and desires of dominant women.


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