secret society

secret society

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    Devil’s Breath

    In this 3rd installment, you’ve been called upon to return to the estate of the Era Imperium once more. This time you have been summoned by the Immortal, who has ruled the society since the beginning. You must prove that your ability to quench the voracious sexual appetite of the Immortal with the same obedience and skill that you mindlessly serve this secret society.

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    Era Imperium: Hellfire Club

    This is the second session in the Era Imperium: Secret Society series.You’ll be transported back to 1700’s England and enticed with an invitation for induction into one of the famous Hellfire Club’s of the era, rumored to be full of sin and debauchery.

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    Era Imperium

    Begin your hypnotic indoctrination as one the hypnotic slaves of the Era Imperium, the ancient female secret society. Find yourself programmed to obey and carry out the agenda of a group of divine females that have controlled the course of history practically since the beginning.


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