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    Twice as Tranced

    Best selling dual femdom trance with Mistress Carol of MyHypnoticDomain!

    You, nestled between Mistress Carol and Tessa Fields in a busy restaurant. Mistress Carol in leather; Tessa in fur and seated so close to you our thighs are touching. We simultaneously use our sensual voices to skillfully drop you into a deep hypnotic trance while we enjoy ourselves. After this meal, you will never be the same.

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    The Brain Wash

    Enter the Sleep Clinic of Dr. Tessa Fields for a simple sleep treatment and get a little more than you bargained for. Enter as a patient, leave as a slave!

    Featuring a sexy intro from Amethyst of!

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    Sand Mistress

    The Sand Mistress comes for you as you sleep. Much like the fabled succubus, she will drain you. She will empty you of your will while you sleep. In exchange, she fills your dreams with nothing but submissive, sexy thoughts and visions.

    $24.99 $19.99
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    Tessa’s Chamber

    Boobs and brainwashing inside Tessa’s Chamber! A mysterious request sends you on a journey that ends in my special chamber, where you will find yourself oh so sleepy and completely obsessed with my breasts.

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    Choose Control

    This free erotic hypnosis session is about control in the moment. You’ll choose obedience and submission!


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