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    Tough Guy: Hands-free Orgasm Training MP3

    Cum with no hands! My long awaited & highly requested hands-free orgasm training is here!

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    Mistress Wants: Training Series Bundle

    Get the entire Mistress Wants Submissive Training Hypnosis Series and SAVE!

    $99.96 $89.99
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    Save It

    Part 1, Save It, trains the submissive male in the art of positive chastity and/or delayed orgasm and the motivations behind it. This recording is to help the submissive male to value his orgasm as both a gift and reward for his loving submission to his dominant partner.

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    Obsess-a-Tessa Series

    Buy all 4 parts of the Obsess-a-Tessa hypnosis series together and save $10.00

    $69.96 $59.99
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    Obsess-a-Tessa LOOP

    This audio loop enhances all the suggestions given by me in the first 3 parts of the Obsess-a-Tessa hypnosis series.

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    Obsess-a-Tessa Part 3

    This is part 3 in the Obsess-a-Tessa hypnosis series. I take away your independent will and leave you with only thoughts of serving me and enriching my life.

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    Obsess-a-Tessa Part 2

    This is part 2 in the Obsess-a-Tessa series. Your mind will be filled with visions and thoughts of me and me alone as I take over your mind.

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    Obsess-a-Tessa Part 1

    This is part 1 in the Obsess-a-Tessa series. Prepare to have your body and the pleasure that comes from it taken over and controlled by me.

    5 out of 5

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