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    Pussy Worship MP3 Bundle

    3 HOT pussy worship sessions for one low price! Bundle and save!

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    You are led into the Temple of Servitude by a beautiful Goddess. What waits for you there? You will find yourself lovingly adored and ravaged by a multitude of Goddesses. Find your submission to women growing to a fevered pitch as you are kissed, touched, aroused as you sensually and sexually used for their pleasure.

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    Beg For It

    Part 3, Beg For It, trains the submissive male to understand that there is no shame in servitude. Mistress wants to know that She has an overwhelming effect on you and you’ll be begging for release under her firm grip with your body and your lips!

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    Make Me Cum

    Would you believe me if I told you that every orgasm could be better than your last orgasm? You’ll soon become a believer as this pussy worship hypnosis recording convinces you and proves to you that the key to improving your own climax is through pleasing women orally. Become obsessed with eating pussy and reap the rewards.

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    Obey & Pay

    This financial domination hypnosis recording makes you oh so fascinated with my feet. You’ll do anything to please them and be so owned by them that you’ll do anything to make sure they are kept looking pretty pampered. I’ve included a copy of the Obey and Pay wallpaper for your viewing pleasure!


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