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(Updated 10/06/2015)

I get asked often where a good place is to start if one is just starting to become familiar with my brand of femdom hypnosis. The answer can vary depending on what you looking to accomplish. Here are my personal MP3 recommendations for diving into my hypnotic world.

You want to experience hypnotic fantasy with no after-effects?

It can feel good to just immerse yourself in a fantasy and enjoy the experience without being affected by post-hypnotic suggestions or triggers.

My personal favorites for this desire are the following erotic hypnosis MP3s:

Ethereal Seduction

Lady in the Lake

Era Imperium

Era Imperium: Hellfire Club



You want to serve me and fall under my spell?

This is the most common request I get for recommendations. To get used to my style and form of femdom control, I recommend the following (in order):

Mine (FREE!)

White Space

Fall For Me

Under Your Skin

Obsess-a-Tessa series

The Brain Wash

Mistress Wants series:

Save It

Say It

Beg For It

Trophy Slave

You want to become a better submissive for your partner?

I’ve made several MP3s for learning to serve in real time situations with any Mistress.

Mistress Wants series:

Save It

Say It

Beg For It

Trophy Slave

Under Your Skin

Searching for the ever-elusive hands-free orgasm?

My Tough Guy series is based on research and delivered with precision, sexy hypnotic skill.

Tough Guy 1

Tough Guy 2

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