Where to Start

I get asked often where a good place is to start if one is just starting to become familiar with my brand of femdom hypnosis. The answer can vary depending on what you are looking to accomplish. Here are my personal MP3 recommendations for diving into my hypnotic world.

Trance Training

Tessa Teaches Trance

I created the Tessa Teaches Trance series for the subject that does not feel they are able to surrender to trance as easily as they would like. This series takes you step-by-step helping you to define what trance is and gives you the ability to recognize your own progress as you become a skilled trance. 

This series is not focused on serving me as a hypnotic subject. Instead, it is all about surrendering to trance guided by a dominant woman.

Choose Control (Free File)

This session explemplifies the beauty of trance. The choice to go into trance is all yours. Build the confidence as a subject to know that you are choosing your own path and that surrender and trust can be built without having your limits breached.

Mine (Free File)

If you’d like to jump right in to my style of hypnosis and get a gentle preview of what it feels like to serve me.


This hypnosis session is designed to make you a blank slate. You’ll float in an open void feeling helpless and mindless unable to fight my control.

Pure Fantasy

Do you want to experience hypnotic fantasy with no after-effects?

It can feel good to just immerse yourself in a fantasy and enjoy the experience without being affected by post-hypnotic suggestions or triggers.

My personal favorites for this desire are the following erotic hypnosis MP3s:

Tales From The Couch Series

An encounter with an unethical hypnotherapist

Ethereal Seduction

An unseen presence has her way with you

Era Imperium Series

Discover the female led secret society shaping the world one mind at a time.


A flogging fantasy featuring my not so innocent “cat o nine tails” named Matilda.

Lady in the Lake

A sexy, yet dangerous encounter with the siren known as the Lady of the Lake

Ready to fall under my spell?

This is the most common request I get for recommendations. I asked a long time subject of mine to compile a list for you to maximize your hypnotic journey with me from the perspective of a hypnosis subject. I wholeheartedly endorse this list and groupings. 

You’ll see the term “Tessathon,” coined by the same person. It simply means to indulge yourself in back to back sessions created by me.

Required Training

Tessa Teaches Trance Series
Mistress Wants Series

General Submission

Fall For Me
White Space
Choose Control
Time To Surrender
The Brain Wash
Mind Management
Memories of Forgetting 
All For Tessa
Mind Shrine


Erotic Servitude Sessions

Silly Boy
Sleepy Silly Boy
Full Frontal Assault
Pretty Poison
Tessa’s Chamber Series
Tough Guy Series
Tales From the Couch Series

Servitude Tessathon

In order:
White Space
Mind Management
Party Favor
All For Tessa
Mind Shrine

Tessathon (Soft)

Let It Go

-making basic connections


– learning the pleasure of being Tessa’s

Choose Control

-making logical choices, in Tessa’s world

Tessathon (Softer)

White Space

– learn to open up more of your mind, to Tessa

Completely Controlled Cock

– learn the pleasures of opening up to Tessa

Down Boy

-learn pleasure, from Tessa

Tessathon (Deep)

The Brain Wash

– an exercise in repitition

Mind Management

– an exercise in understanding worship


-an exercise in obedience

Tessathon (Deeper)


-connected pleasures

*this file is only available if gifted by Tessa

All For Tessa

– understanding devotion

Mind Shrine

– practicing devotion

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