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There are many misconceptions about what hypnosis can and cannot do. If you have questions about hypnosis that are not covered, feel free to reach out.

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What is hypnosis?

Ask 10 hypnotists/hypnotherapists this question and most likely you will get 10 different answers. I can only offer my explanation based on my experiences and education.
I have studied and practiced many models of hypnosis based on my studies and experience, I subscribe to the theory that when the hypnotist creates an overload of thought for the subject and then offers an escape into the subconscious, the subject takes the opportunity and open their mind up to the hypnotist.

Can I get stuck in hypnosis?

No. Let’s say the phone cut out while you were on a call with me. You may simply lay there for a short while feeling very relaxed and calm, but eventually your conscious mind will take over and allow you to open your eyes and continue on with your day.

Am I a good subject?

This is a multi-faceted question. Some people are more naturally suggestible than others and are much more receptive to hypnosis through induction than others. I believe that hypnosis is a mutually motivated event. Achieving a hypnotic state is easier for those subjects that are truly open to the experience and want to be hypnotized. If one takes on hypnosis as a challenge rather than a desire, they are typically much less suggestible to the process. It is important for the subject to trust in the hypnotist so that they may truly open up and lower the barriers into their subconscious mind.
If you have an elementary understanding of the English language, you should be able to go into trance for me.
Hypnosis is also a learned skill. You must learn to train your brain to allow yourself to be hypnotized. As with any skill, the more you practice…the more you learn.

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I’m not submissive. Can you still hypnotize me?

You do not need to be submissive to be hypnotized. Allowing yourself to be hypnotized is simply an act of free will and desire.
I am dominant by nature and truly enjoy submissive subjects, but I entertain all desires.

Can you de-program me from another hypnotist’s suggestions?

This depends on how deeply conditioned you were by the former hypnotist. Each and every time you go under for a hypnotist, you become more conditioned to accept suggestions from that person in trance. The deeper the conditioning, the longer it takes to allow yourself to reject those suggestions.

My best advice is to simply STOP listening to hypnosis products that are producing unwanted effects. All suggestions fade over time.

How do I know you won’t hypnotize me to give you all my money and sign my house over to you?

You don’t! Seriously, you do things under hypnosis that your subconscious doesn’t object to. If you do give me all your money and your house, it’s because you really wanted to! *wink

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