Tough Guy: Hands-free Orgasm Training MP3

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Tough Guy: Hands-free Orgasm Training MP3

Cum with no hands! My long awaited & highly requested hands-free orgasm training is here!

It’s finally here! I’ve been asked to do a hands-free orgasm session for as long as I can remember and several HFO’s have been reported with use of some of my other files, but never really figured out just how I wanted to do it with no hands cumming.

I’ve spent time researching just where the problems lie with those that have trouble achieving the elusive handsfree hypnotic orgasm and figured out some very basic issues that apply to so many. No matter how bad some want it, there are still those stubborn little parts of everyone’s personality that put up a barrier.

Tough Guy consists of 2 MP3 sessions and a quick guide to its use: 

Tough Guy Trainer is the base file that you will practice with to set in place your tasty little triggers of arousal and orgasm. Teasing your cock with my mouth and breasts makes it so easy to happily allow those trigger words take hold and become firmly implanted in your subconscious.

You can use the training file as a guide to see how strong the triggers are becoming or simply use it as an edging session.

Tough Guy is an extended version of the training file. Once you are confident that your training is done, it is time for the fireworks. I can say that those who are already conditioned to my voice and style might be able to skip right over the trainer and head right towards an explosive HANDS FREE ORGASM!

Release Date 08/01/2014
Recording Quality Stereo
Length in Minutes 36:45 & 37:10
Background Music Yes
Subliminal Layering Yes
Post-Hypnotic Suggestions Yes – Arousal and & Orgasm triggers
Topics/Fetishes Hands-free orgasm, HFO, breasts, blow job, oral sex, femdom, hypnosis, triggers

2 reviews for Tough Guy: Hands-free Orgasm Training MP3

  1. Matty

    There is a lot that I could say about this revolutionary new erotic hypnosis file by the lovely and talented Tessa Fields. I could talk about the induction that crept up on me so covertly that I almost didn’t notice it. I could talk about the clever deepening techniques Tessa used to make sure I went fully into trance for her. I could talk about the subtle layering she used to polish this session into what is truly the gold standard in erotic hypnosis. And I could go into great detail about the glorious use of sexual imagery and virtual sex fantasy that Tessa uses to thrust her listener into a euphoric hands-free orgasm. But instead I want to discuss what really makes this file so special.
    Hands-free-orgasm (HFO) hypnosis isn’t anything new. Hypnotists in the erotic hypnosis community have been experimenting with the concept for several years now. I myself have tranced to many of these sessions. While I found some of them to be enjoyable as a trancing experience, I never really felt like there was enough of a focus on actually working me, as the listener, through the process necessary to drive my body to orgasm. With “Tough Guy”, I was happy to find that the journey to orgasm was planned out, and each step along the way was placed there with a purpose.
    One of the failures I’ve found in many HFO files is the lack of arousal building. Often it seems that the hypnotist just wants me to orgasm because she says some trigger word. Little if any thought is given to getting me “in the mood”. I suppose this could be sufficient for highly suggestible subjects to achieve orgasm. For myself, and I assume for the vast majority of other hypnosis subjects, a certain degree of seduction is needed. I can’t just get hard and cum because a single word is spoken. Believe me, I do wish it was that easy, but I’m a prude. You’ve got to convince me that you want me to cum for you. You’ve got to seduce me, my mind, and my body if you want to have any hope of getting me over the edge. Tessa did all of these things so easily in Tough Guy. I remember during the session, at the point where Tessa’s physical presence arrives into the scene, that my whole body shuddered at the erotic imagery she was creating. It was a violent spasm throughout my entire core that nearly woke me. She proceded to build the eroticisim using various “assets” of hers to not just entice me, but to physically stimulate my….um….anatomical arousal indicator.
    Yes, it was erotic. Yes, it was sexual. Yes, it was explicit. But at the same time I never felt like I was experiencing something lewd or pornographic. If anything, I felt like I was being taken under Tessa’s wing and led down the path to hypnotic bliss. She convinced me through her own confidence that the orgasm I’ve been yearning for was going to happen. Perhaps not during my first trance to the trigger training version of the session, but the groundwork was being laid to get me there when my mind and body were ready to give the extended version a try.
    I’m convinced that this hypnosis session has got to have some sort of magical properties to it. Or maybe its just Tessa herself that’s magic. Her conversational style was perfect. Her voice is so naturally sweet and gentle. Falling under her spell was effortless. I have only listened to the training version of the session so far, and while that file isn’t intended to provide the HFO, I remember having to calm myself down during the trance because there were several moments that I thought I was going to blow way earlier than I was supposed to.
    If what I’ve written above isn’t enough to convince you to try out “Tough Guy” maybe this will: This file includes having your cock surrounded and stimulated by big tits. And then you get a blowjob. Just go get it. Its fucking awesome.

  2. sleepysillyboy

    “Tough guy” is an excellent erotic session. At first, I was a bit afraid that it wasn’t going to work, and that could take me to those frustration feelings of my beginning in hypnosis “It isn’t working, what I’m doing wrong”. But nothing of that happeed. It’s an incredibly arousing session, and at the end, having a handsfree orgasm was not an option, but a need. Of course, I’m very suggestible to Tessa’s voice, and I guess that my chaste state increases my vulnerability, but I do think that anyone can be successful with a bit of patience and following Tessa’s instructions.
    Moreover, Tough guy is also an excellent femdom session. I think this is one of the files where Tessa shows most openly dominant. I love the way she lifts me to the category of Tough guy at the beginning of the file, to turn me into a begging puppet at the end. Without losing Tessa’s touch, here she is not subtle, but she plans a frontal attack; an attack I´m, unable to stop. Tessa turns the table.

    She plays with my arousal, she has the control, what it was a dream, a gift at the beginning of the file, it´s now a need I can only satisfy with Tessa´s permission. I almost went crazy while I felt Tessa playing with my arousal the first time I listened the file. And these sensations have increased with the following listenings. Both aspects enhance each other. My arousal makes me weaker in front of Tessa and that weakness arouses me even more.
    So, at the end of the file, I feel a delicious mixture of pleasure, lust, weakness and devotion. Thank you Tessa.

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