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All For Tessa

(3 customer reviews)

This devotional file is pure positive submission with themes of acceptance and trust. With no awakener, it allows you to be coaxed deeper into trance throughout and deeper into blissful submission for me….all for Tessa.

So many custom sessions I make are for those wanting to enhance their submission to me on a deeper level. This particular request really struck a chord with me and I just had to make it available to my boys that love going deep for me into mindless, yet mindful submission.

This devotional file is pure positive submission with themes of acceptance and trust. With no awakener, it allows you to be coaxed deeper into trance throughout and deeper into blissful submission for me….all for Tessa.

You’ll find your mind completely open and trusting, knowing that I always take very good care of your weakened, submissive mind.

This session was requested to fall between other sessions for the perfect Tessathon, so load up your playlist and sink deeper into trance and deeper under my hypnotic spell as it pulls you into the depths of the deepest trance a boy of mine may achieve.

Release Date 3/30/2017
Recording Quality Stereo
Length in Minutes 30:40
Background Music Yes
Subliminal Layering No
Post-Hypnotic Suggestions Yes
Topics/Fetishes Femdom control, deep hypnosis, devotion, mind control, servitude, worship, mindless obedience

3 reviews for All For Tessa

  1. Matty (verified owner)

    As someone who came into the realm of femdom erotic hypnosis accidentally, and without any real experience or knowledge of what it meant to be submissive, admitting weakness does not come easy to me. In fact, I spend a good deal of my wakeful state feeling a strong sense of self. What my experiences with Tessa have taught me is that it’s okay to be a strong person. Most women, including a certain beloved kickass chick of a hypnodomme, find strength appealing. But, just because I’m strong doesn’t mean that I don’t have weaknesses. Even those weaknesses that I’m good at hiding are easily exposed when examined closely by a talented female hypnotist.
    There are times when this exposure has made me feel insecure. It can be alarming to discover that one isn’t as bulletproof as one believes. Perhaps some of that insecurity has faded over the years. After hundreds of hours wrapped in Tessa’s web, I’ve found peace with what I am. I’ve found peace with my weakness for Tessa.
    “All For Tessa” is an excellent tool for keeping myself sane when those old insecurities occasionally pop up. With her own gentle grace, Tessa has created a delightful excursion into mindful submission where cares and worries fade to nothing, and the practice of devotion is coaxed up to the very top of list of priorities. Thank you for another wonderful ride Tessa.

  2. Andrew A.

    ‘All for Tessa’ as a session is the most remarkable thing I’ve ever experienced as a subject exploring submission through trance. There’s no safer place than Tessa’s voice and I’ve personally never experienced my mind fold so much, so many times, creased so sharply and kindly by Tessa’s voice and intent. I do not want to say anything more about this session except to say that for me, experiencing ‘All for Tessa’ was one of the most fulfilling hypnotic experiences ever. Every listener of Tessa, needs to loop this session a few times and sleep. Let the session work with your sleep, and make you a better subject. Sequence it with other files. Sequence it with itself. Let go with it. The world needed this.

  3. CallMeSchmedlapp (verified owner)

    This is less a hypnosis file than a conduit for spiritual awakening. I first purchased this file because it is designed to be used in the midst of a Tessathon, as it has no awakener. What I discovered is that, not only does it take you into heretofore unknown levels of trance, but it also allows your being to be indwelled by Tessa! I cannot imagine a more blissful experience than actually feeling Tessa’s energy flowing through my mind and body! I had been craving such an experience for my entire life and this program helped me realize it! My mind, body and everything is all for Tessa! I cannot imagine being the same after this!

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