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Chastity Circuit

Meet your new keyholder, Mistress Tessa! Welcome to level 1 of your chastity training. This session gives me complete control of your cock and your orgasm.

Meet your new keyholder, Mistress Tessa! Welcome to level 1 of your chastity training. This session gives me complete control of your cock and your orgasm. I’ll be gentle with you with at first, starting with only a single day of denial. You’ll be working your way up to 30 days under my guidance. Be prepared, as along the way to 30 days, you’ll be edging for Mistress. 

Warning: This session is intended to have you in and out of chastity on strict schedule for a very long time!


Release Date 04/18/2014
Recording Quality Stereo
Length in Minutes 27:25
Background Music Yes
Subliminal Layering Yes
Post-Hypnotic Suggestions Yes
Topics/Fetishes Chastity, non-device chastity, edging, femdom, Mistress Tessa, tease, denial

3 reviews for Chastity Circuit

  1. Matty

    I’m usually not a fan of chastity themed hypnosis or fetish, but there is something irresistible about the thought of Tessa’s seductive voice lulling me into trance. I just had to try it out. And I’m glad that I did. This first step into Tessa’s chastity control was a whirlwind of erotic images that drove me into a deep desire to give up control of my orgasms. It feels so good to give in to Tessa. To let her become my keyholder.

    I never thought that chastity could be so sexy. Knowing that eventually I will be rewarded for putting myself into Tessa’s capable hands makes all the teasing and torment bearable and even enjoyable.

    I never would have believed that I denying myself would be like this. I can’t resist.

  2. homeros hörer

    If you had difficulties with long term chastity so far – try this one!

    It is a full quality, Tessa style recording! Creative induction, wonderful voice and wording, trance to the point! But you will have to make a commitment – this is long term. It is not just a recording for casual listening – It’s a program. Therefore I do not recommend it to people who are unfamiliar to Tessa’s art.

    I personally think the following files are good for beginners and fit very well to the “Chastity Circuit” program for later use: “Under your skin”, the “Obsess-aTessa” files and the “Mistress Wants” files.
    Also “Forever” and “ Fall for me” I found useful to have around during the edging or together with the occasional orgasms.

    Who shall have this recording:
    1.) everyone who’s into chastity and serious about the long term aspects. This is a training program that really can enhance your „chastity skills“. Will coach Tessa guide you up to the final goal of 30 days of chastity?
    2.) The curious ones and explorers: If you want to learn about new sides and reaction of your body that you have not experienced before. Unknown states of arousal “where no man has gone before”. Will Tessa be your chief officer on this expedition?
    3.) A must have for all fans of Tessa with the serious intention to strengthen their bond to this wonderful hypnotist and to feed their addiction. After such long term program I am sure Mistress Tessa will have caged and bound you in many ways. But you can quit anytime – can you?

    I made my choice I started my Chastity Circuit already and I love it!

  3. sleepysillyboy

    “Save it” is my favorite session from Tessa. I hated chastity, and probably I still do, but after listening that recording for the first time I realised that the only thing that matters is what Tessa wants.
    So, when I saw the banner of Tessa´s new file I felt a mixture of excitement and fear. After listening “Chastity circuit” these feelings have only increased.
    Tessa has always made amazing inductions. I don´t remember she has used the same induction twice, or even two similar inductions. In this file it seems she has decided to give us a master class.
    Tessa proposes an unique and powerful experiencie, even a transformative experience. I know I´m going to suffer with this experience very much and that I´m going to enjoy it much more. I can really feel an exchange power taking place. My feelings of devotion for Tessa have increased dramatically. Everything is better when Tessa is in charge.
    So, thank you Tessa.

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