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This free devotional, femdom hypnosis session is a love note of sorts to all my boys…past, present, and future.You’ll surrender to trance and surrender to me and find out how good it feels to be mine. With softest touch and smooth delivery, my velvety voice will massage your mind into submission.

This free devotional, femdom hypnosis session is a love note of sorts to all my boys...past, present, and future. I'm so proud of this induction that I could burst. It may take even the most seasoned hypnotic connoisseur by surprise.

I'm going to take my time, slowly taking you deep into a trance that never seems to stop pulling you further down. You'll find a home in my words of sensual control and dominance as you are lulled into comforting, hypnotic sleep. You'll surrender to trance and surrender to me and find out how good it feels to be mine. With softest touch and smooth delivery, my velvety voice will massage your mind into submission.

Release Date 07/17/2015
Recording Quality Stereo
Length in Minutes 28:44
Background Music Yes
Subliminal Layering Yes
Post-Hypnotic Suggestions Yes
Topics/Fetishes femdom, control, deep hypnosis, devotion, ownership, positive submission

3 reviews for Mine

  1. Matty (verified owner)

    Tessa Fields’ “Mine”: An Introduction or a Re-Introduction?

    To be perfectly honest, I’m always wary of free erotic hypnosis files. I’ve seen a lot of them from newbie hypnotists, and those are almost always disappointing. And when I see one from a well established and highly respected hypnotist, such as Tessa, I always want to know why it is being offered up gratis. Does the hypnotist think that it isn’t good enough to charge for? Or perhaps there is a more sinister plot at work. Maybe the hypnotist wants to make sure that as many feeble minded people as possible have the opportunity to be infected by whatever lurks within. (To be even more honest, Tessa would never need to be sneaky if trying to do something sinister to me. I’d offer myself up willingly.) But because this is a free file from Tessa, I decided to give it a try, and not let my wariness about the price tag get in my way. After all, Tessa is harmless right?

    Let me start out by saying that this is NOT a sub-par trance session not good enough to charge for. It’s one of the best hypnosis sessions I’ve experienced in a long time. The induction is possibly the best I’ve ever heard. As to whether there is a sinister plot at work….I don’t know that I’m in a place to comment on that. I’ll let you make a judgement on your own. I will say that Tessa’s voice has never been more tempting. Never more seductive. I had to shut it off after the first few seconds because it had such a profound impact on my mind. A cold shower later, I tried it again, this time prepared for the velvety smoothness and intoxicating timbre. She did things to me. Things I’d never felt in trance before. I’ve listened to a lot of Tessa’s hypnosis, regularly and for many years. But this time I felt as if I was being introduced to a side of her that I didn’t know. A softer side. But just as powerful as the Tessa I knew before. I can’t decide which side I like better.

    If you are new to Tessa’s hypnotic style, then I can’t think of a better file to break your self in on. Its got everything that a burgeoning hypnoslave could want. If you have been under Tessa’s influence before, prepare yourself for a re-introduction unlike anything you’ve seen from her before.

  2. Andrew A. (verified owner)

    ‘Mine’ by Tessa is a beautiful expression of all the possibilities, to come and that can be, if one ‘chooses’ to sleep for Tessa. As the first session I ever listened to by this remarkably skilled and amazing hypnotist, I was quite taken aback by how welcoming and positively enforcing the message in this session was. Submission, via sleep is communicated by Tessa in very positive terms. To trust and to become hers, is but simple and involves joyful surrender and sleep. I think this session had a positive impact on me. I found an itch, just a little one, that I had to return to – find by once again taking a nap and revisiting that place – where everything was intoxicatingly clear. I woke up from this session with a smile – and all I wanted to do was to explore further and dive deeper. Thank you so much Tessa.

  3. CallMeSchmedlapp

    This session should come with a warning label. It should tell the listener that is world will soon be flipped on its ear and his only desire will be to become Tessa’s. It’s too late for me, but you can save yourself the indescribable bliss of being at Tessa’s feet, eagerly awaiting Her next utterance, knowing that Her every utterance creates a need within your core to see Her wishes fulfilled! Save yourself the building pleasure of having Tessa whisper Her sweet seductive words into your soul. Save yourself from Tessa’s incomparable skill at helping you realize all of the submissive dreams and fantasies you never thought it was safe to have! Yes, save yourself from personal fulfillment through serving and pleasing Tessa! Nothing to see here

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