Obsess-a-Tessa Series

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Buy all 4 parts of the Obsess-a-Tessa hypnosis series together and save $10.00

Product Description


Buy all 4 parts of the Obsess-a-Tessa series together and save $10.00

Release Date 11/07/2009
Recording Quality Stereo
Length in Minutes
Background Music Yes
Subliminal Layering Yes
Post-Hypnotic Suggestions Yes
Topics/Fetishes obsession, brainwashing,  Tessa, triggers

2 reviews for Obsess-a-Tessa Series

  1. homeros

    Then as now, Obsess-a-Tessa

    The Obsess-a-Tessa series were my very first recordings from Tessa. All of the files are very short (each under 10 min) and get to the point very quickly. I personally had difficulties to go into trance in such short time at the beginning and the whole series didn’t work for me – then.
    Now – today I am an absolute Obsess-a-Tessa fan! They are my favorite hypno-snack and whenever I need a short Tessa fix I choose one of the Obsess-a-Tessa files! It is a must have for all Tessa fans and addicts. In my case Obsess-a-Tessa enhances and intensifies the experience of any other recording.
    Therefore I strongly recommend to start with other recordings first – like Mindless, UnderYourSkin or FallForMe or even with ObeyAndPay (cute toes!). But once you start to feel the first signs of a growing affection for Tessa it is the right time to plug Obsess-a-Tessa in and start the next level of your training!

  2. Craig B

    The Obsess-a-Tessa series is a fun group of files.

    Each one is about 10 minutes long, however Tessa somehow manages to keep the same quality of trance packed into a small time frame. The post hypnotic suggestions are fun and will soon have you obsessed with Tessa!

    Each file being 10 minutes long makes it a great series to have in your collection. If you ever find yourself short on time but craving Tessa’s voice and control all you need is 10 minutes to get your fix!

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