Fall For Me

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Fall For Me

Increase your fascination with me as my voice guides you. You’ll come to associate pleasure with me and my words. As you submit and surrender to me, you’ll be guided to a tasty orgasm as a special reward.


Increase your fascination with me as my voice guides you. You’ll come to associate pleasure with me and my words. As you submit and surrender to me, you’ll be guided to a tasty orgasm as a special reward. Layered with soft ambient music and intense subliminal suggestions.


Release Date 07/11/2010
Recording Quality Stereo
Length in Minutes 24:38
Background Music Yes
Subliminal Layering Yes
Post-Hypnotic Suggestions Yes
Topics/Fetishes Femdom hypnosis, brainwashing, mind control, submission, guided masturbation, servitude

9 reviews for Fall For Me

  1. B-randon

    As with the Obsess-a-Tessa series, this one is very intense as well. It is, however, so incredibly erotic. Tessa uses a brilliant technique in making you become so aroused by each word she says, and enforcing your obsession with her to make you so very weak and submissive. At the end a very satisfying orgasm is achieved as well. Listen at your own risk.

  2. Stage

    It feels like a lullaby with her tone, as if she is tucking you in for your trance, and the way she creates the lingering anticipation of the sleep. Who could not be addicted to her voice after a listen or two, there is magic in Tessa’s voice. Even that one special word just seems to have more meaning when she says it. There are strong sensations of emotion, a flutter in my chest, an ache, an even a little pain. A close sensual experience, intense pleasure but even more so leaving the feeling of wanting more.

  3. Chair

    As a relatively new member of the erotic hypnosis community, I suffer from a condition that I’m sure at least some of you out there reading this can relate to at one given time or another; an inability to truly let go. All too often while experiencing hypnosis, just as I approach the edge of oblivion, I find myself being pulled up. It could be a nose itch, a sudden twitch of my leg, or even something as simple as a creaking floorboard. It wasn’t until I discovered Tessa and this session that I experienced true surrender. It’s a feeling that’s hard to describe with words, and is better to simply experience for yourself. Her phrasing, technique, and even just the sound of her voice comes together so perfectly here. However, the best part about this recording could also be the worst for you, it WORKS. If you don’t think you’re ready, take a look at some of Tessa’s other recordings.

  4. puppypants

    “Fall for me” is a particularly pleasant journey. Tessa is mellow and nurturing. She soothes and absolves me, She imbues the listener with a deep calm. It becomes easy to focus utterly on Tessa’s voice, willing oneself to experience every word, every nuance of Her speech. A wonderful feeling of safe, warm descent, under Her spell, agreeing with Her without hesitation or question within a vessel created and sustained by Tessa’s delicious voice. Presently i become aware i am deep deep down, Tessa is a sparkling deity, miles above, an awesome light penetrating the depths, refracting infinately, offering life and hope. i dwell silently and ghost-like, otherwise destined to wash away, fragmented and forgotten. i embrace the notion of complete devotion, adoration and submission. To be part of something extraordinary, blessed by the generosity of Her words and the glimpse of Goddess essense.

  5. Alan

    As the description says, Tessa hypnotises you to associate pleasure with her voice, words, and presence, but, to be honest, I do believe that she really has her work cut out for her. Tessa’s voice and the way she enunciates is just naturally sexy, seductive, and alluring. She didn’t need to hypnotise me at all for me to associate with whatever she says! Its like Keira Knightley doesn’t have to hypnotise me to convince me she’s pretty. (Although I wouldn’t object to that if she insists.) On a more serious note, it is not usually easy for me to become totally relaxed and suggestible aka hypnotised, but I do feel I’m getting there with Tessa. I’m still a long way from being able to be hypnotised to be a chicken or any other kind of farm animal like one of those people in a Vegas hypnosis show, but I’m definitely making progress here with Tessa. I am fully anticipating a magical, rewarding, and very erotic journey ahead of me submitting to Tessa!

  6. idontdeserveaname

    Fall for Me will make you do just that…fall for Tessa. As always, her induction is silky and seductive. What I really enjoy about this recording is that she pushes you deeper throughout the whole thing, so if you love that feeling of helplessness and relaxation, I guarantee you will put this high on your list. It’s very “Tessa” oriented as well, so if you’re a bit obsessed like I am, I would buy this

  7. Flint

    Tessa’s voice is perfect in this audio. She uses a really silky soothing tone that makes you hang on every single word she says. The journey is just so pleasurable as you are taken so deep in to a relaxed state to a point where it feels incredible to go completely under her spell. It is an amazing intense audio that will have you truely falling for Tessa.

  8. HeraldoftheSorceress

    “Fall for Me” is one of the most artful recordings I’ve heard from Tessa. Her achingly sensual voice sounds absolutely pristine in this one. You will be hanging on her every word!

    But enough about audio quality. “Fall for Me” has a certain duality to it in that it’s both incredibly soothing and intensely erotic at the same time. Tessa takes you down so slowly and gently, then turns the heat waaaay up before you even know what hit you.

  9. Craig B.

    This was the first file of Tessa’s I ever bought and listened to. The fact that I’m currently addicted to Tessa and her files means that this file did it’s job perfectly.

    Her voice is sexy, soothing and commanding all at the same time and you wont be able to help but intently listen to every word she says.

    Tessa is a truly amazing Hypnotist and I would recommend this file to anyone who is a fan of erotic hypnosis.

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