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Choose Control

This free erotic hypnosis session is about control in the moment. You’ll choose obedience and submission!

This  31 minute session presents control to you in a different way. I’m going to let you make all the decisions for yourself. If you wind up choosing control and obedience, I surely had no hand in it. After all, every decision is your own. This session is about control in the moment and contains no post-hypnotic suggestions or triggers.

Recorded for both men and women

Release Date 06/17/2011
Recording Quality Stereo
Length in Minutes 31:27
Background Music Yes
Subliminal Layering Yes
Post-Hypnotic Suggestions No
Topics/Fetishes Femdom control, confusion and logic, a little touching and a whole lot of sexy!

10 reviews for Choose Control

  1. Conrad

    I have been taught that having control is a good thing. Being in control is better. No one ever told me that giving control away to a skillful, sexy hypnotist is extremely rewarding. And to think you just gave this away. So, in returns, I gladly give my control over to you for the same price. Awesome file.

  2. slave jess

    Absolutely a wonderful, relaxing, slow and pleasurable hypnosis file. It teases just a little and by the end you really lose track of where you are and what’s going on. Totally safe and doesn’t do anything dangerous. Mostly just a total relaxer. This was my first Tessa experience, and I want more!

  3. John

    She makes it impossible but to choose the way you want to choose….or is it what she wanted you to choose all along…maybe i just realized i want what she wants.

  4. Jesse

    Tessa is so skillfully wicked with this induction. The presentation of the choices is such a powerful technique. I remember Tessa going through several of the choices, but at some point I dropped into a very deep, heavy trance and everything just floated by in a dreamy haze. An amazing experience and so generous to make this a free file. Thank You Tessa.

  5. pup

    Amazing!! even long after she woke me up. Tessa is the besta!

  6. Flint

    This one is a brilliant relaxing audio that helps bring your mind round to the idea of letting yourself be controlled. A perfect place to start if you havn’t heard any of Tessa’s recordings yet but still great even if you have. I find it’s very good to calm me if I am feeling stressed but is also something a bit sexy too.

  7. Jake

    This is a masterful recording. Tessa has an incredibly soothing and sensual voice and she is very difficult to resist. You’ll find that you might want to resist, but it’s so much easier to sink deeper for her. Choose Control is a nice, long file that really lets you absorb the hypnotic experience as guided by an incredibly sexy and dominant woman. Who’s in control? Do you have a choice? Find out..

  8. mike

    I am not quite sure what I just experienced.All I can say is WOW! I will CHOOSE to listen again. Was not sure if erotic hypnosis could actually work but this may have just changed my mind. Can not wait to hear your voice again! Thank you for making this recording free. You have the sexiest voice I have ever heard. Tessa I am under your control and I couldn’t be happier!

  9. William

    This MP3 is extremely creative and shows the cleverness of Tessa Fields. Tessa so wraps you up and teases your mind with the question, am I in control or is she? With her sexy voice she really messes with your mind and your aroused state that you just don’t care, you just focus on her highly erotic voice and submit to her. Just thinking about it, this MP3 was a brilliant sexy tease which left me with a powerful release after I woke up. I highly recommend this MP3. A great way to see how skilled Tessa is in the art of erotic hypnosis.

  10. Hypno Craver

    The sexy and arousing choice play begins with the title of this session. The listener is invited to make their own choice, Tessa does an amazing job of easing the listener into a relaxed state, where making choices could not be easier. Wonderful tease, what more, it’s completely free. Do you even have a choice?

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