Cum Too Soon 2

Cum Too Soon 2


Hey tough guy! This sequel to Cum Too Soon will only make your little premature ejaculation worse than you ever thought it could be!

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Product Description

Recently, I was asked to make a sequel to my oh so popular file featured on, Cum Too Soon. Read more about that file on their blog. This file was so fun and sexy to make that I just had to offer it here.

This sequel could be considered a second level of the original as it is based on the thought that maybe you still aren’t cumming as soon as you’d like to.

Since you think you’re such a tough guy and just aren’t affected deeply by hypnosis, then I’ve got something special in store for you. We’re going play a fun humiliating game. I hypnotize you and you try not to cum too soon.

Enjoy how disappointing you continue to be to women as I prove to you that you’re not tough…you’re like all the rest, weak and disappointing. Treat yourself to some humiliating JOI (jerk-off instructions) and a wonderfully ruined orgasm as you become a pathetic premature ejaculator!

Release Date08/01/2014
Recording QualityStereo
Length in Minutes32:33
Background MusicYes
Subliminal LayeringNo
Post-Hypnotic SuggestionsYes
Topics/Fetisheshumiliation, joi, guided masturbation, ruined orgasm, premature ejaculation


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