Obsess-a-Tessa LOOP

Obsess-a-Tessa LOOP


This audio loop enhances all the suggestions given by me in the first 3 parts of the Obsess-a-Tessa hypnosis series.

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Product Description


This audio loop enhances all the suggestions given by me in the first 3 parts of the Obsess-a-Tessa series.

Recommended ONLY for those that have experienced the rest of the series.

Layered with music and subliminal triggers.

Release Date11/07/2009
Recording QualityStereo
Length in Minutes
Background MusicYes
Subliminal LayeringYes
Post-Hypnotic SuggestionsYes
Topics/Fetishesobsession, brainwashing,  Tessa, triggers

3 reviews for Obsess-a-Tessa LOOP

  1. Frank

    Tessa possesses a delightful soothing voice that put me into deep trance.Never before have I felt so weak and under control after listening to these series.They left my mind with feelings of submissiveness.

  2. B-randon

    DISCLAIMER: If you don’t want to seriously fall for Tessa, then you shouldn’t listen to these. I’m not trying to brag or act like I’m better than any other members by saying this, but I could listen to this recording and walk away unaffected because I’m extremely different from most of the types of people who listen to these recordings and have these fetishes in terms of age, looks, lifestyle, and mindset. I have a very strong will and am a very motivated goal setter who has high expectations of himself, so despite my sexual submissiveness I can listen to these recordings for my pleasure only and walk away without guilt after disobeying the hypnodomme as I have many times in the past. I have to admit it’s a TON harder to do with Tessa and I actually hope there’s a day that will come when I’ve listened to the recordings so much that I can’t walk away but I highly doubt it’ll ever happen. Take note that these recordings have serious potential to fuck with your mind.

  3. Alan

    This series actually put me in somnambulism… which I am still having some difficulty to believe, considering the fact that I have ADD and never really gone very deep. I have no idea how Tessa did it… but I was very pleasantly baffled and surprised. The simple suggestions that are in the recordings have gone straight to my core because Tessa took me so deep, and following them just felt so sweet and divine. I had to actually purposely listen to the recordings fully alert to hear the suggestions and then realise how profoundly I was influenced by them. In 2 words: Fucking amazing.

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