Pretty Poison

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Pretty Poison

One taste of me and you’ll know submission. One taste and a slow poison will start to infect your body as it multiplies. It will leave you aroused and paralyzed. there is no antidote, but there is a way to treat your unfortunate circumstances, with a bit of pussy worship.

I’ve always been a fan of the bad news woman in old detective stories, but what starts out sexy always ends in prison or worse.

I wanted to bring something a little dangerous to the table without any of the bad results.

One taste of me and you’ll know submission. One taste and a slow poison will start to infect your body as it multiplies. It will leave you aroused and paralyzed. there is no antidote, but there is a way to treat your unfortunate circumstances, with a bit of pussy worship.


Release Date 05/11/2012
Recording Quality Stereo
Length in Minutes 29:14
Background Music Yes
Subliminal Layering No
Post-Hypnotic Suggestions Yes
Topics/Fetishes Paralysis, pussy worship, facesitting, obedience, femdom

3 reviews for Pretty Poison

  1. Matty

    I have all but given up on writing reviews of hypnosis files. I’m not a very good at writing criticism and I lack the knowledge of the mechanics of hypnosis to judge the quality or describe the techniques being used. But I would like to point out a few elements of Tessa’s newest creation that I thought were fantastic.

    She uses a confusion induction that I really liked. Usually I don’t like confusion inductions. I think they often turn into the hypnotist saying meaningless words or listing random numbers. Tessa manages to confuse you by asking you to remember a list of things, but she does it in a way that lets you know that everything she says has a purpose. I felt like she was taking me by the hand and guiding me through the confusion process. She wanted to confuse me, she wanted me to know she was confusing me, and she wanted me to know that there was a reason she was doing this. It was seduction pure and simple. She wanted me to know that my pleasure would benefit from letting go and giving in to her commands.

    The poison was my other favorite part. I wont go into too much detail about this because it goes to the heart of this session and I don’t want to spoil it. I will just say that it is a very sexy idea, and I never though that I would want to taste poison so badly.

    Thank you Tessa for a beautiful hypnosis session. This was perfect.

  2. Lucid of

    The following is an excerpt of a review at

    “As soft and sensual as I found ‘Fall for Me’, almost conversely I found ‘Pretty Poison’ to be a seduction tour de force. I always find marvellous clarity is Tessa Fields sessions, and I don’t just mean production wise. Her sessions never lose narrative tempo, wander aimlessly, or finish without crux or substance. When a strong Feminine voice speaks with such clarion fluidly, it is natural for the male mind to fix, focus and follow. So when Tessa strips away that focus with a devilishly effective confusion induction, it has that much more of a powerful effect.

    I found the ‘Pretty Poison’ induction not only to be wonderfully effective, but also very enjoyable, and I have now listened to it numerous times and it continues to captivate and delight. This is really fantastically written; Tessa Fields has recorded some my most satisfying induction experiences in erotic hypnosis. But it is also Tessa Herself that makes this session stand out. For me, this is Tessa’s best vocal performance… She is sensational! Every word seems infused with temptation, and every intonation is saturated with lust; it is tactile, fleshy, and ravishing. This is hypnotic seduction at its finest. There is also something Femme fatale about Tessa’s performance, an egde that makes It all feel just a little dangerous. But as in all the best Film Noir, it is a seduction the leading man cannot defy.”

  3. homeros

    Tessa surprises me with another creative induction: Traditional relaxation commands are packed into a simple memory game: 10 items to remember – “breathe deep” is the first one. I like games – my mind takes the challenge but it is impossible to win. I drift away too fast and struggle already after the third item. I feel a little silly when I give up and let go. A warm feeling surrounds me together with the lovely wonderland lullaby in the background. And I feel Tessa so close to me – around me. So silky and warm – I want her inside of me. I want her so badly that I welcome the nectar she offers me on her finger and I take the pretty poison. I am so confused – was it the words from her mouth that I just swallowed or the juices from her pussy? – I cannot tell the difference. I just want more – I just need more. I want to listen to the velvet flow of her ambrosia – No posthypnotic suggestions are needed. The wonderful feeling of my head buried deep in between her legs – surrounded by her – licking the essence of her arousal: That feeling will be linked forever to her trance. And I will crave the words like the pretty poison that I consumed so willingly! I wake up with the feeling of intense intimacy and the happy afterglow of wonderful, satisfying sex. “Erotic hypnosis” is a word much too weak for such experience – it is pure intimate sex – For me this is the most addictive trance Tessa created so far.

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