Humiliation Hallway

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Humiliation Hallway

Let Me guide you through a deliciously humiliating trip where the girls get uglier and the giggles get louder as you are teased about your small dick.

Let Me guide you through a deliciously humiliating trip where the girls get uglier and the giggles get louder as you are teased about your small dick.

Release Date 12/01/2009
Recording Quality Stereo
Length in Minutes 17:55
Background Music Yes
Subliminal Layering Yes
Post-Hypnotic Suggestions No
Topics/Fetishes humiliation, sph, small penis, little dick, giggling

3 reviews for Humiliation Hallway

  1. Danny

    I was also guided through that deliciously humiliating trip by Tessa. Somehow, the humiliation was an enjoyable wonderful experience.

  2. Dinky

    Yes, I am one who has made the journey down the Humiliation Hallway. As a matter of fact I have made the journey several times. Yes, it was so delicious, I keep returning. Laughter, rejection, humiliation, I told myself, this is really not my cup of tea. But curiosity got the best of me, I finally made that journey. Laughter, rejection, humiliation ! I have been enlightened !

  3. homeros

    First of all: This file is not for everyone. But if you already enjoy to suffer mild humiliation and want to try the next step this might be for you. For the full experience you will need a well trained imagination that can generate vivid experiences under trance.

    In the beginning I had great difficulties to accept some features of the storyline in this recording: Men being classified by penis sizes is chauvinistic but is part of the erotic humiliation game – o.k. But women being classified and sorted in different rooms according to their beauty (or the lack of it) just felt so wrong to me and made it difficult for me to listen to the file in the first place. – What is beauty anyhow? There is no absolute beauty. Beauty changes from century to century and from culture to culture. And the crippled feet in 19th century China can be as hideous as the skinny “super models” of today. But whatever beauty concept there is – one fact does not change through history: Beauty is attracted by power and success, and powerful leaders through history gathered what they considered beautiful according to the taste of their time.

    What is my point with regards to this humiliation recording? I found one dictionary definition very instructive: “to humiliate – to reduce to a lower position or take away privileges in one’s own eyes or others’ eyes”. With this I understood that “HumiliationHallway” is not about rejection in a classical way and it is not about beauty: the beauty in this recording can be considered as synonym for power and each door closing is a symbol for a piece of my power that is taken away from me. Starting from the high power the alpha-male and leadership power, that is associated with highest beauty in the first room down to the weakest level of power which barely more than the justification of my own existence – taken away when rejected by the most ugly women in the last room. At the end there is no door left – no way out – the end. And the hallway with no doors left is a strong symbol for the dead end and a complete loss of hope. – Giving up power is part of most erotic hypnosis sessions and can be very enticing and even can cause a certain pride when it happens slowly and lovingly. In contradiction the loss of power through this kind of humiliation is a violation – the power is ripped away ,leaving bleeding wounds in a scattered ego.

    Hallways, closing doors, dead ends and being naked in a crowd of people – that are pictures a nightmare is made of. And like in a nightmare I feel the sense of falseness and injustice. These feelings paired with arousal creates an extreme state that I can only describe as a sexual fury. And I have to admit that I have difficulties to handle the tainted aftertaste of this fury.

    But there is more to discover. – There is Tessa. She is basically my guide through the Hallway – at the beginning very friendly even uplifting: “don’t give up – there are more doors!” She seems to take the role of the “good cop” in this story – I feel her support, as if she still holds my weakening ego together but at the same time lurking me deeper down the Hallway. The more we approach the end of the Hallway the more she joins in into to humiliation. – This is the point where my ego finally scattered and the fear of loosing even Tessa becomes unbearable: In all my misery and humiliation I am ready to do anything and accept anything Tessa might suggest. Tessa has mercy and does not take advantage of my weak, insignificant and broken self:She just requires a humiliating jerk off procedure and than I am released. She even allows me a choice if I want to keep all these feelings or reject them.

    I wake up confused but grateful that I was allowed to take all pieces of my broken ego out of hypnosis. After putting myself together I feel whole again – What just remains is a strong feeling of obedience to Tessa with a subtle fear of loosing her and the irritation that I kind of liked this experience. To get completely cleansed it helped me to listen to a recording of sweet dominance like “underyorskin”.

    Thank you, Tessa, for this unique experience – thank you for carrying me through – and thank you for letting me get out undamaged!

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