Memories of Forgetting

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Memories of Forgetting

An amnesia files for only true Tessaphiles! Forget details of previous hypnosis sessions so they will all seem new again while taking your enslavement to a new level!

Remember to forget with this amnesia session for the true Tessaphile!

You’ll take a little walk with me into the depths of your mind, forgetting details of past sessions with me so that they are new again when you return to them. While I’m so deep in your mind, I’ll be strengthening your servitude towards me. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself waking up longing to please me. This is a mellow toned session so it won’t break that trancing kind of mood.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This session is meant to be looped in after listening to any another session of mine. This was originally a custom file designed for just this purpose.

Release Date 12/12/2015
Recording Quality Stereo
Length in Minutes 29:58
Background Music Yes
Subliminal Layering No
Post-Hypnotic Suggestions Yes-to please me
Topics/Fetishes amnesia, servitude, enslavement, femdom, Tessa devotion, brainwashing

2 reviews for Memories of Forgetting

  1. homeros

    Have you ever left a short shopping list at home or in the car? Later in the store you managed to remember and you bought that toothpaste and bread – that’s all – just to realize that neither was on the initial list?
    Forgetting and remembering can be a strange thing. But forgetting is not erasing and as always with hypnosis you can fight the process and you will remember – but why than listen to an amnesia recording in the first place?

    I like to submit and melt under Tessa’s lovely voice. I like to hand over control to her and follow her again into another one of her hypnotic hallways. A hallway that is filled by her lovely voice and her images all mixed together to a cozy feeling of submission. And I love the aftertaste of incertitude: Have I already forgotten some details? Has she made changes that I am not aware of? Has she already taken advantage of me with her power. Oh yes – I want her to have such power – In the recording I hand over a very important key to her. A key that grants her access to my inner self. She is now the interior designer of my mind and like a child on Christmas Eve I feel locked out from that room where she is doing her magic to the core or my inner self. Already now I feel the desire to peek inside and to listen to the recordings again – just for more changes and more forgetting.

    Memories of Forgetting is a wonderful file to drift away and to forget the details of a previous recording when listened in sequence. And be warned – it is more addicting and more explicit regarding worship and servitude than any other of Tessa’s recordings that I know. I like it as 4th part of the Obsess-a-Tessa series or in sequence to ObeyandPay. But also combinations with ChooseControl, SleepySillyboy, PrettyPoison or Tessa’s Chambers are delicious. I have not forgotten all these recordings but I just do not care to remember right now.

    And the toothpaste and bread?
    Whenever I start to think about a recording my mind just bends over to another memory like a divining rod to a water vein: The most important thing to remember is to please Tessa – thats all.

  2. Matty

    For me, this works like an aftercare session to follow any other of Tessa’s hypnosis files. A very sultry voiced aftercare that quite easily brings me back to “attention” after a short period of reflection (refractory period). I don’t think this was necessarily Tessa’s aim for this file, but, what can you do? She actually intends this to be used to clear away the memories of what you’ve just experienced during one of her lovely hypnosis mp3s. I think it works because after listening all I remember is being really turned on but not knowing why. Well, not knowing why other than that I was listening to Tessa’s voice, which sounds really fucking hot in this file.
    Fun Experiment of the Day: Sandwich this file between a few HFO files and then follow it up with another repeat of this one. Set the playlist to loop, and see how long before you hallucinate from dehydration.

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